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Who We Are

Welcome to our thriving, vibrant healthy living community where we are redefining the path to health and well-being and creating lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time. You are joining a group of individuals who have discovered how to create health in their lives. They are living a bigger life by changing their eating habits, by growing and developing in their personal lives, and by becoming more financially stable as they build a business.

As a Coach, you provide many services to your Clients, including personal encouragement, supported by a clinically-proven, comprehensive lifestyle program. But that’s not all. By sharing the Trilogy of Optimal Health™—Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and Healthy Finances—you are doing so much more to help others create balance in all three of these critical areas of life.

As more people make the choice to live a healthier, more active, and balanced life, we will be present, providing an opportunity for people—starting with you—to do well for themselves while doing something purposeful for others.

Our Heritage

Medifast® is our parent company. Our products and programs have been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980*. The late Bradley T. MacDonald, Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Directors for Medifast, and Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, a leading critical care physician, founded Take Shape For Life® by combining the science of our meal replacement products and Dr. Andersen’s healthy habit lifestyle program. They then added the component of personal support through the Coach, and it is this powerful blend that provides true and lasting results for individuals desiring to create more health in their lives.

Today, we are a growing, thriving, healthy lifestyle company, upholding our roots through scientific rigor in development and manufacturing standards. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: MED), and follows the legacy through our core values of integrity, entrepreneurship, and compassion that help transform lives.

*Medifast, the brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980.

The Trilogy of Optimal Health™

We are a healthy lifestyle company deeply committed to creating a legacy of health in all areas in your life—building a healthy body, developing a healthy mind, and generating healthy finances. We call this the Trilogy of Optimal Health™. Within this Trilogy—Healthy Body, Health Mind, and Healthy Finances—you can find the balance you are seeking and help others do the same.

Trilogy of Optimal Health graphic

The Trilogy of Optimal Health™ offers individuals an opportunity to create sustainable health in all areas of their lives.

Healthy Body

Physical health resulting from adopting sustainable healthy habits.

Includes: Improving one’s physical health by achieving a healthy weight and broadening one’s activities to include a healthy range of movement; empowering others to create health rather than react to disease; shifting mindset and habits to live a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Mind

Emotional health resulting from the opportunity to live a life with less physical and financial stress.

Includes: Bringing meaning, purpose, and confidence into your life by being part of a worthy cause and community; opening doors to engagement in your career; effectively managing stress; addressing the underlying behaviors of poor health; and moving towards Optimal Health™.

Healthy Finances

Financial health resulting from a compensation plan that lets you earn based on your efforts and build your financial future.

Includes: Sharing the opportunity for additional income; financial stability and abundance; mentoring others along the business path; developing stable business; leaving a legacy; and building an annuity by planning your long-term future.

Take Shape For Life® makes no claim that these results are representative of all participants on the Take Shape For Life® Program. Take Shape For Life® recommends you consult with a physician before starting a weight-loss program. Average weight loss for Clients on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan with support is 20 lbs.

BeSlim® Club Membership: Minimum BeSlim® Club order of $250 required to qualify for free standard shipping and earn 10% Rewards. Minimum BeSlim® Club order of $150-$249.99 required to qualify for Flat rate shipping of $5.00 and earn 5% Rewards. First qualifying BeSlim® order receives five (5) free boxes. See the BeSlim® Club terms and conditions for complete details.

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